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Delivering Quality Dairy Products to Berwickshire & Northern Northumberland for Over 25 Years

Now delivering to your door in and around Berwick Upon Tweed from the 4th February


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Deliveries Twice a Week to Your Doorstep

At the heart of your community... come rain or shine, I've been the local Borders milkman for over 25 years, keeping you topped up with fresh milk, dairy produce, eggs, and other related products all year round.


Have You Ever Wanted to Bring Back the Milkman? Now You Can...

The traditional milkman is making a return

Remember your childhood days when you’d wait anxiously for the milkman to show up with fresh milk for you to enjoy? If you miss this, you’ll probably agree it’s well past time to bring back the milkman.

Throughout the UK the traditional doorstep milk delivery service is making a real comeback. All across the country, people have started to realize the many benefits and conveniences of signing up for farm fresh milk delivery.

What are you waiting for? Get milk delivered to your home and help bring back the milkman today!

Fresh Cow Milk

Where I Deliver

I  can deliver to virtually any home or business address in Berwickshire

Ancrum, Ayton, Berwick Upon Tweed, Birgham, Chirnside, Coldstream, Cornhill, Crailing, Duns, Eccles, Earlston, Gattonside, Gavinton, Gordon, Greenlaw,  Horndean, Hounslow, Jedburgh, Kelso, Ladykirk, Lauder, Leitholm, Lennel, Melrose,  Morebattle, Newstead, Newton St Boswells, Norham,  Simprim, St. Boswells,  Stichill, Swinton, Town Yetholm,  Wark,  Whitsome, Yetholm.


If your exact location is not listed above.... Dont worry, just call me to see if I can deliver to your doorstep.


Delivery Days

Twice Weekly - Depending on Your Location - Call for Details

Mon + Thursday

Tuesday + Friday

Wednesday + Saturday



Top Quality Produce

More Than Just Milk!

I can complement your regular milk deliveries with any of the following; Eggs, Single & Double Cream, White & Brown Bread, Fresh Orange & Apple Juice and Fruit Yoghurts.


White  £1.70
Brown £1.70


Fresh Orange & Apple Juice

Glass Bottles
1 Litre £1.60


Fruit Yoghurts



Fresh Cream 

Single £2.20
Double £2.70



Half-Dozen £1.50


Milk - Cartons

0.5 Litre £0.85
1 litre £1.40


Milk - Plastic Jugs

2 Litre £2.10
3 Litre £2.80


Milk - Glass Bottle

1 Pint £0.85


Rest Assured all my milk and other produce are all the very best quality, and sourced from regional suppliers, with full traceability. I guarantee your complete satisfaction, both with my products and my service.


Your Dairy News Bulletin

The Media Buzz About Milk in Glass Bottles - Its a Growing Moovement


The Glass Bottle Returns

July 1, 2018

Glass milk bottles are making a comeback as the backlash against plastic waste pollution gathers pace among consumers. The nostalgic clink-clink of the bottles is making a return with milk producers reporting a progressive increase in demand for milk in traditional glass bottles.

Bottles, once a common sight on doorsteps up and down the UK, have been in dramatic decline ever since the home delivery market started to turn sour in the 70’s and had all but vanished, along with the milkman. But a recent BBC survey of 20 UK dairies reported that 17 had seen a surge in the demand for glass bottled milk.

Arguably, some experts say the composition of glass bottles helps maintain the quality of the milk and keeps your milk fresher for longer. Not only does a freshly delivered glass bottle of milk make your mornings that little bit extra special, glass is also better for your health, is endlessly recyclable and therefore better for the environment too.

Glass, cardboard or plastic…. You now have a choice


Did You Know?

July 1, 2018

  • The earliest mention of a “milk bottle” in the Oxford Dictionary dates back to 1831.

  • The earliest patent for glass milk bottle with a small glass lid and a tin clip was in the USA in 1880.

  • The European Patent Office lists about 1,700 patents worldwide with “milk bottle” in their title.

  • Before milk bottles arrived, milkmen used to fill customers’ own jugs with milk.

  • In 1975, 94 per cent of UK milk was put into glass bottles. By 2012, this was down to 4 per cent.

  • A single pint glass bottle  weighs 15 times more than its plastic equivalent.

  • The average glass milk bottle will last at least 15 recyling trips.


The Milkman Cometh...Again!

July 1, 2018

Although cheap supermarket milk has seen the near demise of the daily milk delivery service, it has managed to survive in many areas  of the UK and right now, home milk delivery is making a slow but steady comeback. We are undergoing what could be called a “a milkman renaissance.”

It’s easy to understand how home milk delivery went into decline. So why are doorstep deliveries making a comeback now? Its certainly more than nostalgia, it’s a combination of;

  • The quest for fair milk prices for the dairy farmer.

  • Wanting the freshest and best quality milk available.

  • The convenience of ordering online or by phone.

  • A desire to trade with a local milk retailer – keeping your money in the local community and economy.

  • Knowing that every order is being handled with a personal touch.

  • And a reassuring comfort that your local milkman is keeping an eye out for your house and the community while he is on his rounds in the early hours of the morning.


Frequently Asked Questions

All The Answers You Wont Find Elsewhere

What time of day will my milk and produce be delivered?

With such a large area to cover, I am on the road in the early hours of the morning to ensure that your milk is delivered in good time for breakfast.

Will you collect and recycle my empty glass milk bottles?

Absolutely yes! Wash them and leave them on your doorstep and I will ensure they are recycled for the next customer.

Do you deliver to businesses as well as homes?

With pleasure. I regularly deliver to many different workplaces.

Where does your milk come from?

Cows! No seriously, all my milk products (and other produce) is  sourced from  a variety of regional sources, depending on availability and pricing, so that you can be assured of getting the best quality at a fair price.

Can I change my order or temporarily stop deliveries if I am away on holiday or business?

Simply and easily. I am very flexible and can amend or stop your order to suit your lifestyle, just give me a call, I'll do the rest.

How do I pay?

My preference is that payment is made online by electronic bank transfer. My business bank account details will be provided to you on the invoice. However other payment arrangements can be made as part of our 'personal touch' service.


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